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History of the Parish of Banagher, Derry Diocese
...last updated on the 6th December 2009.


The modern parish of Banagher is contained more or less between the rivers Roe and Faughan and backs into the highest peaks of the Sperrin mountains with their rounded, undistinguished summits shaped by the glacial sheets of the Ice Age. Geography dictates the main industries, agriculture and sand quarrying, and some of its pastimes, like fishing and hill walking.

The parish as we know it is made up of the medieval parish of Banagher along with portion of the medieval parish of Boveva and part of the townland of Tireighter and Park, formerly in the parish of Cumber. It is noteworthy for the number of ancient monuments which bear testimony to centuries of habitation, standing stones, chambered graves, holy wells and churches.

We are fortunate to have a wealth of knowledge about the Parish which was well documented in the booklet developed to celebrate it's Centenary. The booklet is split into seven parts (listed below). Take time to read it, and discover how this fabulous Parish has developed to what it is today.



If you have any historical information relevant to the parish - photographs or little anecdotes,

please let us know and we will let the world know.



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