COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

For the Parish of Banagher, please note the following:

  • Churches will remain open for solitary prayer.
  • The Parish Office is closed. 
  • Weekend Mass:
    • There is NO obligation for the faithful to attend Sunday Mass. 
    • There will be NO public weekend Masses (Saturday vigil or Sunday morning), in any of the Churches from the weekend of 21st / 22nd March.
    • Mass will be celebrated privately at 9.15am on Sunday morning in St Joseph's Church, Fincairn. This Mass will be broadcast live online and also recorded so that it can be viewed later in the day. 
    • Families are encouraged to pray this Mass together in these days and make a spiritual communion. Readings and Prayers will be uploaded every week to the website. 
    • Anniversaries, intentions and month's mind intentions will be included in this Sunday Mass.
  • Weekday Mass:
    • Mass will be celebrated privately in St Joseph's Church, Fincairn at 9.30am Monday-Friday and broadcast online. 
    • There will be no public weekday Mass in the parish.  
  • Devotions/Stations of the Cross/Cencale:
    • These are cancelled in all Churches. 
  • The Sacrament of Confirmation: 
    • Has been postponed.
  • First Holy Communion:
    • Has been postponed 
  • Funerals:
  • Baptisms:
    • No baptisms can take place until the restrictions on public gatherings have been lifted. Baptism ceremonies that have been booked will be rearranged. 
  • Weddings:
    • No weddings can take place until the restrictions on public gatherings have been lifted.
  • Visitation of the Sick and Housebound:
    • The routine visitation of the parish housebound or hospital visitation is suspended. (In an emergency, please continue to contact Fr Micheál or the Hospital Chaplain)
    • The practice of Eucharistic Ministers bringing Holy Communion to the housebound at weekends is also suspended.

As advice changes due to the developing nature of this virus, the guidelines will be reviewed and communicated on the Parish Website. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.  

Be assured of my prayers for your health and well-being in these days.

Fr Micheál


Updated: 4pm. 24.03.2020

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