Getting Married

Congratulations on your decision to get married! In the Catholic Church, the priest acts an officiant for both the civil requirements of the marriage and the Church requirements. In this regard, you have paperwork to complete for the civil registration of your marriage and also for the church part.

The paperwork for the civil registration and instructions can be obtained here: 

You must give at least 3 months notice of your intention to marry in the Church. Please contact the Parish Office or Fr Micheál in order to arrange a time for the weddings ceremony and to book the Church. 6 months before the date of your wedding, you are required to complete Church Paperwork. You should contact the priest of the parish where you reside in order to arrange for this to be completed.

Below you will find a template for the wedding ceremony and a choice of readings. This may be useful if you decide to prepare an Order of Service for the Wedding.

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