Praying With Children

Little children love to pray. They pray quite naturally, because God is very real for them and very close for them. But if they are to stay praying as adults, prayer must be a part of their home life from their earliest years and not just of school life.

Parents, the most essential part of teaching religion to your children is to teach them to pray. You will teach them to pray not by telling them to pray, not by scolding them if they don't say their prayers. You will teach them to pray more by praying with them. Don't just tell your children:

"Go off to bed now and don't forget to say your prayers."

Instead say: "We will say our prayers now."

Pray with your young children. Pray with your older children. Be seen praying by your children. If prayer is important to you it will be seen as important by your children. Parents who pray, homes that pray, prepare a praying generation for the future.

In fact, you parents will learn about praying yourselves by praying with your children. Little children are very close to God. Didn't Our Lord say:

"The Kingdom of Heaven belongs to little children."

Your children will bring you also closer to God. Children often understand God better than grown-ups do. Their ways of praying can teach us all a lot about how to pray.

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