Ten Golden Rules for Prayer

There are different ways of praying. The best way for you to pray is the way that you find easiest. Here are a few suggestions which different people have found to be helpful.

1. Plan to pray; do not leave it to chance. Select a time and a place (a room at home, on the bus, taking a walk).

2. Decide on how long you will spend in trying to pray (five minutes, ten, fifteen, thirty or more).

3. Decide what you are going to do when you pray - e.g. which prayer to select to say slowly and lovingly.

4. Always start by asking the Holy Spirit for help in your prayers. Pray: “Come Holy Spirit, teach me to pray; help me to do it”.

5. Remember you are trying to get in touch with a Person, and that Person is God - Father or Son or Holy Spirit.

6. Don’t be a slave to one way of praying. Choose the one that you find easiest, and try some other method.

7. Don’t look for results.

8. If you have distractions, then turn your distractions into your prayer.

9. If you always feel dry and uninterested at prayer, then read a spiritual book or pamphlet.

10. Trying to pray is praying. Never give up trying.

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